Saturday, September 29, 2007


Manly Update

I've been busy with new job, finding new church, starting up new school year, vacationing (finished J2M in Austin and had in-laws here in SoCal for 2 weeks) and getting ready for hunting season.

I was hoping to see something started among men of home educating fathers but it seems that they aren't interested (or the one person I talked to didn't carry through).

I've been attending a men's Bible study but it's too typical and not all that manly. Sigh. "Where are the men?" indeed....

Not much thoughts for a while: I'm now interested in manly Christian music. I thought having Psalm 84 set into music based on Taiko (Japanese drum) beat with upbeat melody would be neat but I don't have the time to do much with it. At the Bible study, we sang the slurpy version "Better is One Day" and it got me to lookup Ps 84 and I found that the words themselves are rather manly: if the music matched, then it could work out. Unfortunately, I'm not into creating music (a good software tool might help, like Apple's GarageBand).....

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