Monday, December 17, 2007


Jesus Christ and Fun

"Paul says funding windfall gives campaign hope" has a great quote from Ron Paul:
``If you're working that hard and investing your time and your money, you better have some fun,'' Paul said. ``This gets too boring if it gets too serious.''
I think that's great: a politician who can not only speak the truth plainly but also encourages fun!

I guess it's similar to J2M: it was engaging because it was fun for the fathers and our sons. It won't have lasted through weeks of effort if it wasn't fun.

I have to wonder: did Jesus have fun while ministering in Israel? I think He did. And I would think that His disciples were into for some of the fun (although they were all hoping for a seat in the cabinet of His Kingdom, initially).

It's interesting to see Jesus Christ's message being lived out by Ron Paul: trust others to do their job, give them freedom to do as they are led, and try to have fun! And how different churches are today: always top down hierarchy, with constant need for "consensus."

And it comes back to: how to have something similar in my life and in my worship of God at home? It seems I have made it into a boring thing that's OK with my eldest son but not so with my youngest.

Truth doesn't have to equate to "boring." And the challenge for me is, how to present God's truth in a way engaging to my sons as well as the people "out there" (non-Christians). Hmm.... What would Jesus do? ...hmm....

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