Monday, October 29, 2007


Hunting: 2nd weekend.

My sons and I went quail hunting this past weekend. My younger son shot at several quail and 2 rabbits but it seems that he missed them all. I missed one quail and shot one down -- but we couldn't find the later. Ugh. (Older son didn't shoot at all.)

Next time, we'll make sure to start first thing in the morning: we started around 7:30AM and it was really hot by 9AM. We walked around around carrying our shotguns, with long pants (yours truly started with shorts and got scratched up badly enough to create some red lines across the legs) so with the sun shinning down, it got hot quick. I also need to make sure I carry enough water in my camel back since I drained it long before I was ready to finish (around 9AM although we didn't get to our car until about 9:40AM).

Next weekend the goal is to try deer hunting: only 2 weekends left to take advantage of the deer tag we won (via lottery).

For worship, we did home church Sunday night. We discussed the meaning of worship and I thought it went rather well. Need to think and plan better to have worship. My wife wanted me to make things more fun and interesting but then I'm not that eloquent. Sigh.

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