Sunday, May 22, 2005


Boy Scouts: my take

Boy Scouts of America was something I always wanted to join but couldn't (we were just too poor to join any scouting type of groups). In fact, I had bought a used Boy Scouts manual (probably from the public library) and loved to read through it and wished to take part in things like camping etc. In fact, I never went on a real camping trip (with tents, etc.) until I was in college.

Anyway, as much as scouting can bring out the best in boys, the title alone saids it all: "boys"

It's not "men's scouting" or "scouting to draw out men." I suppose if they had made a Boy Scouts for pre-teens and have another manhood scouting (training?) track, it might have been more appropriate (say, "Eagle Scouts of America?"). Unfortunately, dads who are part of scouting are more interested in getting through certain plateau (e.g., a son getting Eagle Scout) rather than being in it until, say, death.

Today, there is no club that boys apire to join except maybe a country club (rarely men-only these days) or should that be "gentlemen's" club (I'm only kidding with the latter). Or for those into drinking, maybe the barstool next to dad (but then what bars are men-only -- OK inappropriate question again -- sorry)?

So, I have to ask: What men-only paid-membership group are you (or your dad) part of?


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