Saturday, June 18, 2005


World of men

We, home educating dads, this morning had a good discussion on raising boys into men. Here's my ideal: our goals for ourselves and our sons are to become an elder of church (church as in the body of Christ, not a building), and we need other men (older men to guide younger fathers who will guide their own sons), for all of life. Spiritual life is the most important part of being Christ-like but being a complete man in all aspects of life is important, too (material and financial management, relationship with others (esp. leading others), living in this world (e.g., survival in nature)).

I like the synagogue model but it seems too focused on just the religious aspect of life. We are to live like Christ in full (behind the wheel, in the check out lane, son's baseball game, eating snack), not just Christ-like church-life or religious-life.


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