Sunday, June 05, 2005


J2M: finished

Well, this weekend, my eldest son finished his journey to manhood (j2m) and 2 other dads and I recognized our sons as young men: We drove out to Corpus Christi area Friday night and Saturday day, we went deep sea fishing for 8 hours. We caught 2 sharks and one king fish. (Funny how the dads were more sick than the sons, even though we each took some anti-sea sickness drugs.)

We had a communion meal in the evening and recognized our sons as young men and gave our gifts to them.

On our way home Sunday morning, we listened to the tape "Ten Secrets of the man in the mirror" by Patrick Morley as our Sunday message. If you haven't read the book or listened to the tape, I highly recommend it: it certainly was convicting for me. I loved it when he pointed out how churches aren't discipling men and the other problem is that the churches think that they are!

As I mentioned to one of the dads, Jesus spent 3+ years living, eating and ministering with His disciples. Churches today take a classroom approach (3 month or 6 month classes) rather than a life long living and disciplining: calling, equipping and sending them out.

So now, what to do with the newly minted young man in our house? Since we home educate, it's even harder to get my son separated from the world of women (my wife) and children (my other, younger son).


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