Sunday, July 23, 2006


looking for sissy churches

I just spent few minutes googling for "sissy churches": only 3 hits and one was mine and another one was no longer available other than google cache.

Sad that not many are concerned about future men and men with future.


Update 10:30PM: Reply to comments:

- "emasculated churches" only gets 3 hits but only 1 is related.

- "castrated churches" brings out more hits but pretty much meaningless ones.

- "neutered churches" brings out 0 hits

- "spayed churches" brings out 1 irrelevant hit.

- "feminized churches" seems to do better but it sounds too much along the lines of feminism. Besides, it doesn't address my beef of wanting to kick out women AND children (including boys who haven't been through a rite of passage).

I'm interested knowing how to bring "real" men back to church as well as keeping young men (especially my sons) inside the church. And taking over "sissy" seems like a good way to reuse [bring back] the word and add new meaning to the word/phrase.

Update 7/26:

- "effiminate churches" got one hit. An indirect link to: "Where are God's Warriors and Wild Men?"

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