Monday, August 22, 2005


WWJD: Manly sports vs sissy churches

What would Jesus do or WWJD was a big fad for awhile and even morphed into few other things like what would Jesus drive. However, considering that He attracted questionable men -- gangster/mobster-like tax collectors and muscle men like fishermen -- as well as your "regular" religious and intellectual men, He was busy interacting with all kinds of people. As Pat Morley points out, Jesus would be equality comfortable in homeless shelter, stretch limo or mega church.

In particular, as I pointed out in another blog, Jesus attracted not only religious leaders like Nicodemus but rough men like Peter and John and "gangsters" like Matthew (tax collector). How much did we lose the way in attracting such "sinful" men? Whatever Jesus was doing, we aren't doing it now. WWJD: not anything our churches are doing. When churches are posting bouncers and requring cover charges (to limit the men coming in) while sports bars and topless bars are competing for leftover men or closing down due to lack of interests, then we could probably claim that we are doing what Jesus would do....

Update: during the weekends, you have a choice between manly sports vs sissy churches. Which do you (men or men you know) pick? Which would Jesus pick: unsaved rough men or "saved" feminized males?


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