Sunday, August 06, 2006


Boys cheated by schools [and others]

The feminized, mothering world we live in is stacked against males, especially boys. School is the most influential system in a boys' life [at least for those who aren't homeschooled].

Gerry Garibaldi's "How the Schools Shortchange Boys" points out the school system's problem for boys and how boys "get around" the system (rather than working with and taking advantage of the system).

Unfortunately for the boys [and us men], the effeminate systems do not end at school: mothers are in charge at home [with passive or workaholic or missing fathers], women are in charge at church [Sunday school teachers are usually women], and the ever present, overreaching, mother State [local and fed government: your tax money "at work"].

The challenge for us fathers is how to work with/against the system ourselves as well as teaching our sons to do likewise. Stay tuned for "Declaration of Empowerment" that I'm [still] working on....

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