Saturday, November 10, 2007


Business for Men

I have always wanted to start a business, but was looking for something to make money while I can set an example for my sons and something I have skills in already. I have been toying with the idea of a business relating to software itself or software development tools but nothing has really struck me as worth pursuing.

Anyway, I enjoy watching and reading about entrepreneurs but I was just watching a Japanese program on "Park Corp" founded by Hideaki Inoue. (The link is a Japan Times English article I found via google.)

Anyway, as I watched the show ("Business Compass"), I noticed that he had many female employees and even though his business of selling flowers were to both men and women, it seemed that his business was to lower flower price to allow more power to women. That popped into my thoughts since in Japan, housewives hold the purse strings (even if the husband is the sole bread winner). With all that, it seems that such business not only hire women (to empower their spending power) but also lower costs and ability to consume (more/better) for women.

What I want to start is somehow empower men to become the leader he is called to be. What can that be, I have no clue....

Jesus empowered men by picking only 12 male apostles. And told them to continue make other disciples (which I take it mean other men). And why the Epistles insists on male leaders and women to be silent in the churches.

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