Monday, May 23, 2005


Rites of Passage

I found this article: Boys will be Boys which has some good references.

I've read Raising a Modern Day Knight.

Today, I've ordered two books:

Passed Thru Fire by Rick Bundschuh
The Young Man in the Mirror: A Rite of Passage into Manhood by Patrick Morley

Update: Concerned citizen and father recommended Dobson's Bringing up Boys:

I've read Bringing up Boys before and I don't recall any specifics on rites of passage. I've just scanned through it right now and didn't see any (too bad it doesn't have an index) rite of passage section(s).

The books Iron John and Men and Marriage have some great examples from the past or non-Western societies. Neither authors are Christians so not very helpful.

I've listened to audiobooks Passage to Purity (which I went through with my son) and Preparing for Adolescence (which I won't be using), but both are good for talking about sexual purity, peer pressure, etc. but not recognizing manhood (they are for both male and female teens or soon to be teens).


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