Saturday, June 25, 2005


Adam's failures

James McDonald gave a talk this morning about how husbands are to take care of our wives. Great stuff based on GARDEN acronym. However his comments about Adam was very eye opening. I've heard Adam was passive for the past 8 years or so, but here's even more problems that Adam had that McDonald pointed out:

  1. He adds new rules (Gen 3:3) "must not touch it" (compared to Gen 2:17)
  2. He was passive when serpant talked to Eve (Gen 3:6) -- he should have wacked at the serpant and shielded her from it.
  3. God called Adam accountable (Gen 3:9) but he based the buck to Eve and even to God (Gen 3:12)
  4. Adam wasn't there to teach his sons to properly worship God let alone how to deal with anger, how to love each other (the brothers).
  5. Adam wasn't there to praise God when Seth was born (Gen 4:25), so he wasn't the priest of the household.
No wonder Adam is so dogged in Rom 5:12-21!


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