Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Mothering Nature of Modern Church

I've read "The Libertarian Nature of Churches" and thought: what a good start! But then after reading it briefly I realized that the Modern Church is no longer the church as Jesus Christ intended. Just like the Jews in the Old Testmament, the New Testmament Christians were freely associating and not tied to one location (i.e., no building(s) to own and maintain). People by nature are too lazy, I guess. The men have failed to retain the ownership of their duties as priests and, instead have delegated to wives and church leaders. And church, like any other institution of today, has turned into more of a mothering role of its members:
  1. A fixed location: a landmark that people can turn to (sort of like a spiritual lighthouse)
  2. Provides various services to be helpful: child care, various ministries to those who struggles (like AA type of meetings).
  3. Hierarchy of leadership to be seen as accountable, responsible and maybe even respectable.
  4. Organized, ordered and scheduled. Even with "spirit-lead" churches, there are some scheduling and order in the meetings.
Those are the positive things that comes to mind. I'll update more on my objections and why I believe the church has become feminized and un-Christ-like....


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