Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Biblical analysis of Church vs Football

After reading some more of 2 Samuel 6, and thinking over my experience at football game, I notice more things of today's church which contrasts with the Bible:

Bible: 2 Sam 6FootballToday's Church
v14: danced with all his might (i.e., masculine dance)not quite dancing but energetic movementslittle or no dance or feminized dance
v15: shouts and sounds of trumptsmarching band has plenty of brass and drums, while people shout alongat best, the speakers are cranked up and people shout "Amen" (if at all)
v16: David leaping and dancingpeople stand up and clap for good play including scoring pointssome claps are about all the action one gets during the sermon/homily
v18: bless people in the name of the Lorda big "show" is made for each point gaining eventa prayer is offered at the end of a service but I get a sense from v18 that it was more than a prayer
v20,22: "slave girls" are mentioned!cheerleaderschurch choir girls?


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