Thursday, January 12, 2006


Reading the Bible in a Year

In the Men's Breakfast, a way to read the Bible in a year was mentioned and I wanted to give it a shot with my children starting this year. We started Jan 1 and have aimed to read at least 3 pages a night. We're still in Genesis but the progression of people and places have been interesting esp with my sons asking questions.

One surprise was the how our sons Bible (oldest uses NIV Reader's Version and youngest uses The Bibleman Bible (International Children's Bible, New Century Version)) are much more explicit than my NIV (let alone KJV). I mean it's no longer "lay" (or "know") but "sexual relationships." Sodomites, Dinah and Tamar have been described in ways I was not expecting to get into (some of the details). It has been a good time to talk about what's going on but still not what I expected (we have been reading out loud for almost a year -- before then we were reading various devotional books -- but only in Psalms and the 4 Gospels ... until Jan 1).


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