Monday, October 23, 2006


Meaning of 24x7 discipleship

I watched this morning a Japanese TV program called [in Japanese] "Business Future" where a woman started a unique program: she took over an inn as the head manager and hired young people to live and work there and also took the time to meet together with her staff at night to discuss business opportunities after interacting with the guests and people in the community during the day. The one thing which struck me as eye opening was that by living 24x7 with her staff, she can see each one's unique talents and help direct their interests not only to improve the inn [like one staff member who was into computers put in wireless LAN for guests] but also create ideas which can become independent business that can grow in the local community [either to support the community and/or guests of the inn].

What's also appropriate is that she hires youths who are not sure of their life purpose or career and puts them to work at the inn [doing anything and everything from cleaning to cooking] and helps them find and/or polish their talent.

Isn't this what discipleship should be? Jesus did that Himself: He lived with His disciples day and night. He ate and cleaned Himself like any other human and the disciples were witness to it all. He give them responsibilities and jobs to do and taught them as well. All the while, living an example for them to follow after His death. [He worked hard but partied hard (Matthew 11:19), too.]

The questions for me are: what should the church be like and how should I set the pace for myself and my sons.

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