Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Man's Place

Over at Vox Day's blog I've commented on how man fits into the big picture that God has in mind (as far as I can tell from the Bible). If Eph 5 is to be any guide, then man's place is:

First and foremost, the man must submit to Christ and His teachings in the Bible (and then be under the authority of an elder/bishop). If the husband isn't submissive to Christ and not being a servant leader in the home, then the marriage is most likely to fail (since most marriages fail, I believe this is an accurate statement).

Next, the man must be able to love his wife unconditionally, warts and all.

Finally, he is now ready to get married and can start finding his bride. (Who may or may not be submissive -- but that doesn't matter since love is to be unconditional and even sacrificial.)

Such a man would be, presumably, Christ-like....


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