Sunday, July 03, 2005


Reaching to Men

I was having a discussion with a missionary on how to reach men from Asia, and so we went all over the map on various subjects, especially on my interests like discipleship and men's ministry.

One new idea that I learned was that discipleship can start before one is saved. Discipleship -- learning to live Christ-like -- doesn't have to start after a conversion. Thinking about Apostle Paul or even Cornelious of Caesarea, they studied the O.T. long before they faced Christ. And afterwards, Paul got plenty of time for discipleship -- although I'm not sure about Cornelious.

Going back to Asian men, inviting them to churchy meetings won't attract them but activities like boating would. The problem is how to attract men with limited budgets both money and time. As another friend pointed out, activities which interest men take time (shooting or even golf requires time: to practice, to train and then to actually play).


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