Friday, August 19, 2005


What Men willing pay for, time and money

Obviously sex and related stuff (pornography, strip club, prostitution, etc.) get men excited and willingly pay for. Show of physical power and control draws men, too: boxing, wrestling, monster trucks. I'm not sure what attracts men to certain music (because the girls are around?) but some are more masculine than others, I'm sure -- I prefer pre-Classical music and "new age" (more accurately instrumental popular music, regardless of 'genre') so it's hard to say what attracts other men.

What else do men pay for? One-on-one or one-to-many challenges like sports (golf, basketball, shooting, etc.) or computer games (esp. online gaming). Action movies. Action and scifi novels. Superhero comics. Gambling and "investments" -- not necessarily men only but men are drawn by the risk and thrill of winning (much like sports). (Any others I'm missing?)

So, the challenge is how to draw such men into church and they would eventually willingly redirect their money and time for the glory of God! Jesus Christ drew such men to Himself and even made some into His disciples! Unfortunately, I don't think today's church has that "draw...."


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