Friday, January 20, 2006


Men are the source of all weakness and strengths

Vox Day has "blithering or dithering" which highlights the ills of Latin America:

quoting Nienna: Mexico would be a grand place if men weren't drinking their lives a way and beating their wives.

He responds: yet there's little preventing those Hispanic or African women from improving their civilization, except for the small fact that they can't. With the obvious exception of feminists, women do not destroy, but neither do they build.

And rightly so! Men either build or destroy a society. No matter how much women want to improve a society, without men's involvement at home and in the community, things cannot get better. If men chooses to let the society go downhill, either by drinking away the time or letting things like feminism get out of hand, then it is all men's fault. It's interesting to read the story of Sodom where it is the men of the city who wanted to sodomize the Lot's male visitors. And the only way the city could be "saved" was to be destroyed. But even with the Flood, there are few people worthy of saving and God chooses to offer a way out. Sometimes God sends prophets like Jonah to a hopeless situation, as well, and the whole city can turn around. [Where I'm going with this, I'm not sure so I'll stop.]


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