Monday, February 20, 2006


Men, Schooling and enslavement

Modern world has done manhood a great disservice. Young man is strongly encouraged to go through college (and even graduate degrees), carry on serious debt (enslaved) and be in a financially shaky ground until he has several years of experience, which means today he's not a real man until he hits mid to late 20's, or even his 30's.

Why all this schooling? To prove that he can be a good employee (if he can get a paper, he can learn to figure out his teachers and then meet those needs rather than meeting the real needs of paying customers)?

A man needs to be financially secure before he gets married but why ding him with school debt and late start? [And makes it worse by giving him easy access to sex partners without any requirements for a commitment.] (I'll be blogging about the negatives of college eventually but this is a start (grin).)

Since my son turned 13, I'm aware that the clock is ticking and I need to do something to help him along to become independent (i.e., remain debt free) and stable (steady income and increased savings).

[These thoughts were started by a comment on a mailing list where a writer asked "What if we are causing this situation by keeping men in school so long?" (while discussing problems with marriage and divorce).]


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