Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Sex Ed at home: the manly Biblical way

As I wrote before, my sons and I have been reading the Bible from the beginning and we've already hit Sodom and others, but starting today we're talking about sex. In Lev 15, things are pretty explicit (like period and semen) so we spent over an hour talking about what sex is and what is correct thing to do and what not to do. I'm sure we'll go more in depth as we dig in Lev & Num. [I post this because of Key Words Things that shouldn't be taught by strangers.]

One thing good is that my youngest son, who is very curious, is hearing it from me for the first time, not some stranger or from friends. I've spent a weekend with my eldest going over Passport to Purity audio tapes last year but it was something I sort of forced on him, rather than something he wanted to know. Tonight, my younger son really wanted to know and, even though my older son should have been familiar with it, he was a bit shy about it all (and I can understand since at 13, I didn't care either).


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