Sunday, March 19, 2006


Self-esteem, Meism, and loss of vision

In living here on earth, it is easy for us to be consumed by here and now, be it busy making money or distracted by selfish things like computer gaming, drugs, music, sex, gluttony, etc.

With the schools focus on self-esteem and other forms of meism, people have lost the long term (and even eternal) focus, or a vision of how things should be or want things to be.

My eyes were opened not when I became a Christian nor when I understood Christianity to be not just spiritual/religious beliefs but the truth about all of life. No, my eyes and my vision start to clear as I understood the meaning of education and took over the ownership of my own education as well as my children's education (via homeschooling). The last year or two has been the most empowering for me, by going through the J2M (journey to manhood) with my son and 2 other father-son families, where we dads had to own it and do it. I'm only disappointed that it is, so far, a point process (rite of passage) rather than the beginning of fathers taking the lead in spiritual life [and all of life] at home and church.

Now, keep in mind that my eyes aren't fully seeing yet nor is the vision completely clear: I'm still trying to figure out what it all means and how it's to apply to my family and how I can get other men to see similarly. I too have plenty of meism-deprogramming to go through... Sigh...


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