Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Leadership of Jesus and lack thereof in today's churches

Vox Day has "On Jesus and Leadership" which has a lot of good insight into Jesus and leadership and contrasting the churches today and how sports understands leadership better. Here's my comment and I hope to expand on it later:

It is sad to see that the world of sports understands truth better than the church: you need leadership, you need goals both strategic and tactical, and the results have to be visual and clear cut (winner vs. loser, be it one inning/play or one game or one season or a string of seasons under one coach).

As much as people love to talk about moral relativism and world being gray, men prefer winners and losers, good vs evil, black and white. The feminized churches instead talk only about gray mush.

No wonder men are sucked into (and stuck in) sports and abandoning (abandonded?) sissy churches....


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