Sunday, March 05, 2006


Servant Leader isn't Biblical?

Is "servant leader" another way to neuter the Christian men and ensure that the Church remain a sissy one? Vox Day's "The myth of the servant leader" points out:
The doctrine of the servant leader is little more than the attempt of the American Christian church to accommodate feminism within its body, in much the same way that its predecessor once transubstantiated pagan gods into Catholic saints. It is neither rational nor biblical, and the poverty of its fruit can be seen in the continued fraying of the bonds that hold Christian marriages together. Christian husbands, wives and their so-called leaders alike would do well to honestly consider a variant of Joshua's great question: Who do you serve, your culture or your God?
I'll blog on this more as I chew on it this week (already 12:50AM for me).


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