Sunday, November 26, 2006


Gnarly Christians

On ABC last week, they interviewed Steve Baldwin twice: once on Nightline and another on 20/20. And also found a recent (Oct'06) Salon article "Dude, where's my cross." And seems like his approach seems much better than most uptight Christians: taking the Gospels to the skateboard parks and similar Xtreme sports.

20/20 also introduced jc girls girls girls, which ministers to female strippers (and, to lesser extent, to men absorbed by such "actors") by loving the strippers rather than laying guilt trips on them (the cofounder, Heather Veitch, was a stripper herself). They actually go into strip clubs and adult themed (Pornographic) conventions, much as Jesus would do! How many pastors do you know attend Porn conventions to openly spread the Gospel?

The only draw back I see is that I still like the idea of one on one discipleship rather than merely packing rooms and eventually the pews....

Update: here's a great quote from 700 club interview with Heather:
There was an air of perfection she felt like she couldn't reach. Heather says the bar in the church is set high and no one really told her that all that she needed to know was that she needed to call on Jesus daily.
And that's the barrier that Jesus broke through: He interacted with "sinners" rather than "church folks" and called the sinners to discipleship rather than membership (what the church folks focus on). The more I read the New Testament, the more I see that "Christians" today (I don't exclude myself, by the way) are not the kind of people Jesus would bother to spend time with and even have some nasty barbs to be thrown at. Just as He spent more time attacking, condemning and correcting the Pharisees and the Sadducees, I have a feeling that He would be doing the same to the Christians of today....

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