Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Manly Music

I've been discussing with other men the problem of bored men at church. One thing I've noticed that the music is too blah. The words are too emotional and mushy. The music itself is too sedate. All these things combine to make numblingy boring music. No wonder most boys and men can't get excited over praise and worship music (whatever that really means).

Since I'm challenged by intellectual stimulation, I like music, as with any other man's creation, that are intellectual. Fugues are classic musical form where more than one instance of a melody are played together to make one beautiful music. J.S. Bach is known for taking this art to the heights with his composition "The Art of Fugue." Hence my interest in Bach's music and his conspirators (fellow musicians) especially during the period best know as Baroque. I also enjoy modern instrumentals, especially those labeled New Age [Jazz], since no words can get in the way of the music (unlike many pop music which tries to cover their weak music with words or beats or sound volume or their combos).

But most men are challenged differently: physically and skills other than intellectual. Why is sports such a favorite pastime during the church hours (Sunday morning or evening)? Or computer gaming so hot among the males?

How to tie all this to music at church? Or are such males hopelessly "lost?" I would hope not.

Any ideas?


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