Thursday, July 28, 2005


Movie Review: Regarding Henry

I've watched Regarding Henry and I thought it was a good movie: man becomes cold blooded lawyer because of his father and those around him, doing what everyone else goes through: great career, expensive home, lovely wife, "bright" daughter who goes off to jr high boarding school (envy of those around them).

And then he gets shot in the head during a mugging.

The rest of the movie is about how he goes through rehab not only of himself physically but all aspect of his life (except the most important one which is the spiritual aspect).

If it was written by a Christian then it was subtle: one cruises in his life and then something drastic happens (getting shot at) and go through rebirth (rehab) and a new life starts, where everything in his life can be re-examined and he re-takes ownship of his life and his family's life -- becoming a real man. Reminds me of Walker Percy's Lost in the Cosmos of the suicide thought experiment.

What's neat about Christianity and what Jesus Christ offers is that one can experience a new life and start with a clean slate -- and you don't have to get shot at nor commit (unsuccessful) suicide!

NOTE: Rated PG-13 for strong language, sexual situations, one instance of potentially unsettling violence.


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