Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Truth kills Heroes: or why Jesus is the Only Anti-Hero

The past year or two has been painful for me to see some of my (human) heroes get shot to pieces. I was brainwashed to believe that Abraham Lincoln a great president for freeing the slaves and winning the Civil War (some say War of Northern Aggression or of Southron Independence but I prefer of Southron Oppression, to match the love of victimhood of today). I didn't question them until I started read lewrockwell 2 years ago and found out that: Lincoln didn't care for the slaves either way, his concern focused on taxing the Southron States and usurping the State Rights to secede from the Union. He was pro-tax (and spend), pro-big state and pro-big brother. And pro-war. [Hmm ... reminds me of one of the living presidents or should I say all of the living president?]

What got me to blog is that last night, I found out that Ronald Regan signed into law in 1986 making new fully automatic weapons illegal for civilians to buy. That's right: you and I cannot buy machine guns made after 1986. Which is why the market price for used machine guns go up since the supply is limited. Anyway, my point is that I was brainwashed to think that Regan was for the individual rights but it turns out that he was looking out for the State after all. I was greatly disappointed last night.

I knew that since I was fairly young the heroes in the Bible all had faults. Abraham lied and had to back peddle [so did Isaac and Jacob, esp. Jacob stealing the blessings!]. Moses struct a rock instead of just saying it so he had to die outside of the Promiseland. David committed adultry and then murdered the husband of the man he sinned against. Peter denied Jesus 3 times and then avoided fellowship with Gentiles until he was reprimanded by Paul. And the list goes on.

All heroes have faults and it makes sense because they are all sinful humans. All but Jesus: He is the One and Only True Anti-Hero. [Apart from being Man-God, of course.] He lived and died a perfect life -- and He died not because He was forced to die (or just fade away like most heroes) but He choose to die on our behalf, for our good. So the point is that real men need to keep our eyes on the Anti-Hero rather than pretenders of the earthly kind.


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