Monday, March 20, 2006


Abraham: Trained Killer

My friend Roy pointed this out before but it didn't sink in until today: Abraham in Gen 14 was able to muster 314 trained men to rescue his nephew Lot. In verse 15, Abraham "attacked them and he routed them."

Not only did Abraham train, but he fought and killed as needed to defend even his extended relatives (Lot and his family).

I certainly don't have such training (yet) nor the current mental fortitude to act (in a lethal way) but it is a mental process I'm going through of getting ready to take such actions (to protect my family) as well as recognizing the seriousness and the finality of any such action.

There was a local homicide this past weekend near our home where a 44 year old man was shot and killed in front of a pizza store. Apparently today's news pointed out how it may have been due to conflicts with friends or business partners. Nonetheless, it brings home the reality of the danger of this world even in Central Texas.

I also found out about a combat training [both armed and unarmed] available if minimum of ten men are willing to sign up! I know when I move to L.A. I'll have a better change being in harms way, so the training is very appealing. However, since they offer it in SoCal, I may have to wait until I move there first.


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