Monday, August 28, 2006


Review of Why Men Hate Going to Church

I finished Murrow's "Why Men Hate Going to Church" this weekend and here is the promised review. Originally, I was going to do bits of reviews but I started changing my thoughts on church and discipleship while I was reading so I've decided to wait to the end.

I'm glad I waited: the ending was much better than I had expected, but I don't think he went far enough.

But first: If you have son(s), buy the book since you'll see why they don't (or won't) like church. Even if you (a man) still attend church, it won't mean that your sons will. I know this well since my sons are more active [and less scholarly type] than yours truly, and church as they know it today is so dead compared to what they are used to in their daily life [free to choose their way, they only have to sit still only during punishment or while eating]. I, on the other hand, have [continued to] attend church due to my geeky nature and find "worship" sermons to be intellectually stimulating.

For others, it certainly is eye opening and well worth reading to rethinking what church is all about. [I was going to write down many quotes on how relevant it was but I'll let you buy and read them yourselves.]

The last part of the book gets more in line with what I have been blogging recently: churches should have spiritual fathers [discipleship] and band of brothers [manly fellowship] to get men moving into church. However, I don't like his emphasis on going back to church as most people [including myself] know it. I'll blog more about this soon...

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