Saturday, December 16, 2006


Apocalypto: Review

After reading "Apocalypto: The Most Powerful Film Of All Time: Gibson's masterpiece an allegorical warning against unrestrained tyranny of government, human sacrifice and enslavement" I felt I had to see it and so I did with my sons last night. I thought it was well done, esp. the struggle between individual and the State as well as manhood ideals of protecting one's family first [wife and children and then parent(s) and then friends]. I also like the story told by a village elder of how all men have a hole in their hearts which can never be satisfied with the things of this world, prelude to our need for the Eternal relationship (or so I'm thinking since the producer is a Christian).

On our way home we talked about how we can get enslaved by debt today. I quoted Prov 22:7, but our younger son didn't get how it can be bad to be enslaved via loans (compared to what we saw in the movie), but I reminded them "how would you like it if you loaned out your money and that person didn't pay you back?"

The movie is rated R for plenty of gore and violence (much as was done in The Passion of the Christ) and sex situation (nothing explicit in terms of nudity, other than topless "native" women), so it's not appropriate for small children. For a good overview of the movie, read "Apocalypto Now."

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