Friday, April 14, 2006


The Passion of the Christ and Good Friday

I finally saw "The Passion of the Christ" today and it was very moving and I can see why others were moved. However, the thing ticking behind the back of my mind was: I don't think the movie can portray it properly but the greatest suffering of Christ was not the physical pain but the weight of the world's sin, past, present and the future. Yes, the blood and gore were not easy to behold but I'm pretty sure that the visible pain were a small bump in the big picture of things from Jesus' (and God's) perspective.

His strategic burdens were the sins of the world and eternal salvation of all, but His tactical burdens were making sure of those He was responsible for, the more immediate needs He had in mind, like warning the women about future calamity (Luke 23:28-31) and making sure His mother was watched by John (John 19:25-27) and even reassuring a thief that he'll be in heaven, too. And last but not least, asking for forgiveness of those crucifying Him.

The question for me is, what are the burdens on my shoulders?

[Updated: minor detail changes (weight to burden) and making strategic and tactical distinctions.]


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