Friday, September 01, 2006


Community gone awry

"Sexual Abuse in the Amish Community: Woman Endured Childhood of Repeated Rape by Her Brothers"

A supposedly men lead "Christian" community has gone wrong when a woman has to turn to the government to right the wrongs in her home: incest by her brothers against her and her younger sister. The community punished her brothers with 6 weeks of banishment from church activities, and restored as they were "very, very sorry."

Leviticus 18 is quite clear: incest is wrong and the perpetrator is to be "cut off" from the community. To give a slap on the wrist for one incest let alone many times, something has gone very wrong with the community.

It's one thing to forgive but it's another to suffer the consequences for one's wrong. A thief must make restitution (biblically). A rapist, today, would spend time in jail (although that doesn't seem like a fitting punishment, biblically). Merely forgiving and moving on doesn't sound biblical at all.

Seeing the ABC story above makes the Amish community appear wrong not just from modern perspective but biblical as well. A true Christian community of men would have to do one better than what the modern world has to offer.

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