Saturday, December 23, 2006


Brothers in Arms and Brothers in Prayer

I've watched a TV show "Warrior: from civilian to solider." And the most striking thing for me was what the Israeli's do: after turning 18, they are drafted and they make the new soldiers bond with each other over the 3 years of training/service. And the point of bonding is to make them as close as brothers such that under combat stress they will fight for not the flag or fatherland or Mommy but their "brothers" next to them. And if and when a brother gets wounded or killed, then their anger takes over and they'll fight back all the harder. [They also talk about realistic training, and dehumanizing the enemy: However, things aren't so simple when your family splits up via civil war or a child/sibling joins the other side for one reason or another.]

I've also watched a "reality TV" called "The Monastery" where the brothers bond in worship & prayer. [What a contrast: to train and be dedicated to pray for fellow humans vs to kill fellow humans.]

Anyway, my point is that whether it's the military or monastery, a bond takes time to develop, which is what discipleship is all about, unlike the churches of today. Mere classes (Bible study or Sunday school) or worship "experience" are not enough to form the kind of church (let alone, "fellowship") that Jesus had in mind (or so I believe). Also, bonding in good times allow for support during the stressful times [which is what Jesus did: cf Luke 5:34,35]. Or if the bond is started under stress [e.g., Christians getting together illegally as in China or Iran] then there are common threats they live under, which will only strengthen their relationships.

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