Saturday, December 23, 2006


Review of The Monastery

I've enjoyed watching TLC's "The Monastery" 5 part series. They got 5 ordinary men to agree to sign up for 40 days to live under the rules of St. Benedict. One drops out in the middle, but they all seemed to have changed after they "served" their time at the monastery. The evolution of their "soul" was very interesting to watch, turning from independence and rebellion to humility and learning to become a team member, kind of like relearning manhood.

Of all the scenes in the show, the most interesting part for me was when the hermit (Brother Xavier) was asked:

Q: "And your goal is?"
H: "dying."
Q: "To die?"
H: "Sure: that's what were all living for, isn't it?"
Q: "it's just, you understand that it sounds unusual?"
H: "um, yes, I'm preparing for death."
Q: "I can't get over... it seems so sad."
H: "Sad? ... ah... I'm looking forward to it, it's going to be a great adventure!"

Reminds me of Bonhoeffer's words on death.

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