Thursday, January 18, 2007


GodMen: an R rated churchy service

Got an email today with link to "Manliness is next to godliness" and my first scan of it seemed hopeful but after reading it and several other articles about GodMen, I'm disappointed. Instead of doing something new, they merely turned the G-rated churchy experience into an R-rated one.

I believe that the military gets it right when they train handful of men together as a team. Israeli Army does it the best by "marrying" soldiers together for many years (not just training but their full 3 year service) so that a strong bond is established. This brothers in arm is the kind of experience that Jesus lived out, as He discipled His men, the brothers in prayer.

Jesus Christ, the staff sergeant? That could make a very interesting movie/story.

Personally, I still like the gangster theme more than military or mobsters, because the gang is less organized and (used to) have the freshness of a new and undeveloped "institution." What Jesus did was take a bunch of rednecks and thugs and turned them into Bible wielding warriors/martyrs and He even christened them "church." The nerve! [or so most Christians today would have reacted....]

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