Saturday, February 03, 2007


Stop feminizing our [Sunday] schools

"Stop feminising our schools - our boys are suffering" is a great article on how bad schools have become into feminizing the whole educational experience. And the problems in school are much the same as problems at church:
So: Answers are almost provided, no real world interaction, no competition and no challenge. Does this sound like your typical Sunday school? I volunteered in various age group Sunday schools and, looking back, none of them were boys friendly at all.

I love the following quote:
Their testosterone and its companion competitive streak need to be acknowledged. If they're ignored, boys get listless and they start retreating into their hoodies and terrorising the rest of us.
And to think that Jesus Christ called these "boys" (hoodies and terror-makers) into Christian leaders. The kind of young men that today's "Christian" leaders would turn their nose away from -- much like the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus' days? Hmm....

And these young men, without manly leaders, always end up with:
Eventually, they spend their time brawling, picking up ASBOs instead of A-levels.
[Or drop out and join a gang.] When it comes to church, they just stop attending, of course.

What draws the men in today? Computer gaming, pornography, extreme sports, to name a few. Somehow, church and school don't seem to belong on the top 5 (top 50?) list...

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